Shilpa Raj

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Name: Shilpa Raj

Born: 17-07-1993

Place of Birth: Thattaguppe, Karnataka

Academic Qualification: MSc in Psychological Counselling

Book – The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter


Shilpa Raj author or Elephant Chaser's Daughter

Shilpa Raj, the author of an upcoming notable memoir, The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter, is a young woman who comes from a family that has experienced hardship all through their lives. The author is already getting recognition from reviewers for her wonderful work as an upcoming artist. This piece of literature is the first of its kind by someone of her age and background – 23 years of age and from an “untouchable” caste. Shilpa Raj has a purposeful road ahead of her as she plans to use her voice to create awareness on social issues and work as an author and a psychologist.

Starting at the age of sixteen, Shilpa persevered her dream for the next seven years to become a writer. Her literary style stands out for its realism as she narrates her story with raw authenticity, and not as imaginative fiction. This maiden book, The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter, will become available in India from July 28.

Shilpa is the first one in her family to complete a high school education. While writing her memoir, she continued her college education towards an MSc degree in Psychological Counselling. Many reviewers believe that her work is inspiring to a wide audience of young people as they will relate to her search for personal identity in the context of a larger social and challenging traditional environment. The usage of simple language and a captivating writing style are evidence of her maturity as an author who reaches out to both young and old. This memoir will surely touch the conscience of people as it candidly addresses delicate personal and social issues — the author being a witness or the main character, and not a bystander.

Shilpa is featured in a prominent role in the Netflix Original Series documentary, Daughters of Destiny, which will be released at the end of July. In the film, she narrates from her book – a touching element that brings considerable sensitivity to the story of the five young women, including Shilpa, whose lives have been transformed by the education they received.

We will keep this section updated with further details on Shilpa and the reception for her book by the reading fraternity once it reaches bookstores all over the country.

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