Lal Bhatia

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Lal Bhatia

Lal Bhatia is an Indian author who was living in the USA as a common citizen before the worst episode of his life took place, a few years ago. At present, he is a world citizen balancing about the world. We are including him in the list of Indian authors because he has tried to tell his episode through a very appreciated book – Indicting Goliath. Also his debut book, Indicting Goliath is an autobiography which has brought him the recognition and respect as an author. Lal Bhatia was active in many reputed firms in the USA and absolutely enjoyed the golden days of his youth as a bright mind known for fueling the fame and wealth of the organisations he worked with. However, the things did not go according to his plans and he had to suffer into the hands of the different government institutions in the USA – Justice Department, FBI, and the lot of corrupt in the politics. And the book, Indicting Goliath, is the account of his struggles and miseries in the USA.

Otherwise, he was a genuine person trying to uplift the organisations by his works. He was born in West Bengal, India, with ‘somewhat a silver spoon’ as his book suggests. He was a brilliant student and quick learner in his childhood days. For the studies purposes, he went to the USA.

His first book ‘Indicting Goliath’ is an autobiography based on the true facts of his life and the events that happened to him. The book is a testimony of his struggles that he had to go through in the USA. He was trapped in a bank fraud case of more than one billion dollars. He was persecuted, tortured, unfairly trialled by the USA government. This book is the ‘real-life saga of a person’s pursuit of justice in a world infested with betrayal, corruption, subterfuge and fraud’.

As an author, he has displayed a marvellous command over tone and tenor. The presentation of all his real-life events in a systematic manner classified him as an expert author in his first chance. He holds his arguments in an ethical manner and pursued all his talks in an informative language that attracts the readers to read even an autobiography. And be assured that his autobiography will not be boring as many others are. He has told the tales of his thrilling life with passion and naturality of the events; you might feel like living the days with the author and suffering with him…

You can get a glimpse of the book on Amazon India. We will provide the link below to the book. Moreover, we will keep updating the article once the author explores new dimensions of writing.

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Article by Amit for The Indian Authors

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