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India has always been rich culturally and intellectually. Talking about India, we cannot subdue the land Madhya Pradesh, the soil of brave warriors. However, today we are talking not about the braves, but about an author, Dr. Sandeep Jatwa, who has been writing for almost a decade now and has recently come up with his first publication – Second Chance.

Sandeep Jatwa Second Chance

Sandeep was born in Ujjain, MP and his initial days were spent in Dewas. After the basic education and high schooling, Sandeep attained his MBBS from MGM Medical College, which is in Indore. He got a job in medicine and started working with Government Hospital situated in Sarangpur District, Rajgarh. He is married and lives with his family in MP.

Coming to the writings of Dr. Sandeep Jatwa, he has been penning down his imagination since 2006. He is interested in writing novels and has already completed two of them. However, because of some reasons known only to him, Sandeep has first published the second one which is titled Second Chance. Second Chance is a rather cryptic novel about a business person who has been busy all his life in doing all the wrong things. This novel also deals with some afterlife thing. As the author himself suggests, the novel is about ‘error of greed’.

Sandeep spends his leisure relaxing and spending time with friends and his family. A food lover by nature, he does not shy away from trying new dishes and often crashes himself into the kitchen as well. Other than these things, all his life, he has always wanted to do something for the education of those children who spend their life working in the streets.

Moreover, his writing vision is also connoting his personal beliefs at times. He wants to write the stories which make his readers think and rethink on the subject. His first novel, which is rather a secret, will be published after sometimes. He wishes his themes to be connecting immediately to the general public so that the readers can enjoy the novels as well as take out the message easily. He believes in the simple narrative without any flamboyant practices which make the fiction rather scholarly and spoils the taste. We will update the section with new information on author Sandeep Jatwa regularly.

You can know more about him on his website: http://www.sandeepjatwa.com/

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