About The Indian Authors

The Indian Authors has been established with the aim of bringing the talents in Indian writing in front of the readers’ galaxy. We enlist the authors who have already made themselves popular with their works as well as the authors who have just started writing but have that talent within to get themselves in ‘that list’ a day! We are constantly looking for new authors, new books and new opportunities to interact with the authors as well. We do book reviews, author interviews as well as write about the latest happenings in the Indian literary scenario from time to time.

About The Founder

Amit Mishra is the founder of TIA (The Indian Authors). Even after being a student of Economics, he has been inclined towards literature very much. He is a reader-at-large and constantly hunts for new books to read. He loves talking to the authors as well. He has also been associated with an international literature magazine, Ashvamegh, since the inception.