Prabhat Ranjan

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Name: Prabhat Ranjan
From: Patna, Bihar
Book(s): With You; Without You

Not many authors from other regions have done so well writing in the Hindi language than the authors from Bihar and UP. Bihar, especially, blessed with the Maithili Kavi Kokil Vidyapati’s poetry, has done extensively well in the field of Hindi literature. And many writers, time to time, have been acting as the flag bearers of this Bihari culture with their well-knit literary productions. Prabhat Ranjan is an author from Patna, Bihar, who has recently marked his presence on the dais with his upcoming novel in Hindi – With You; Without You. His novel (pre-publishing read) shows the expertise of the author in using the Hindi language very well. Prabhat Ranjan, as a person, is matured enough and has seen a good share of his life before getting into the field of writing.


Prabhat Ranjan Author


Prabhat Ranjan comes from a distinguished family with a political background and his father is a sitting MLA from JDU Party (2015-20). Prabhat has completed his elementary education from Bihar and then after completing his engineering worked for a while in the respective field. He also entered into the field of real estate but at the depth of his life, he was always lured towards becoming an author and kept writing short pieces of fictional and non-fictional writings every now and then.

The author had always thought that writing is the best medium through which he could communicate with others and let them know his opinions, experiences and thoughts. In continuation of this thinking, he finished a manuscript but did not publish it. The current novel which will be published soon, With You; Without You, is the second manuscript of the author but it has been published first and this is something which only the author knows.

For Prabhat Ranjan, writing is a medium to express one’s feelings and reaching many people directly. And why he chose to write his first novel in Hindi is something we will know when we have a conversation with the author sometimes after the launch of his first novel.

With You; Without You, the debutant’s work is based on the theme of a love triangle with worldly as well as philosophical means. He, in the novel, analyses various aspects of being in love with someone as well as being in a friendship with a person. Prabhat has tried to bring a serious discussion to the table and it is to be sure that the issue will make it to that place!

We will keep this section updated with more information on Prabhat as we get it.

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