Ravi Nambiar

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Ravi Nambiar is not a conventional author. He is rather a first generation entrepreneur with a passion for traveling and he has travelled across the nation. Meeting with different kinds of people and interacting with them have given an impetus to the occasional writer; eventually, he came up with his debut book, a collection of short stories – Monsoon Minds. The book has been analysed in detail on Featured Books platform. We will talk about the author here.

Ravi Nambiar

Ravi hails from a village in Kerala. He was born on 20 March 1965. He lives in Bangalore and owns Cropex Pvt. Ltd.

Unlike most of the modern Indian authors who are writing today, Ravi Nambiar has kept his pen pointed in a different direction. When authors are writing books like Monsoon Masala, Ravi has decided to write Monsoon Minds. Contemporary writers are writing about the glimmer of city life and corporate affairs. Ravi, on the other hand, has decided to depict the ‘rural desire’ and countryside landscapes in his book. This shift in the locus is an implicit demand to which some (rarely) authors are giving in. Seeing the financial capabilities that the author has, he could have easily written a spicy book and gone popular overnight! However, he decided to stick to the core of writing – writing with a purpose. In an interview with Alok Mishra for Ashvamegh (a literary magazine), Ravi Nambiar speaks about his spiritual inclination. This spiritual side of the author is also a predominant part of his writing. The short stories in his collection Monsoon Minds seem to be ‘moving on’.

The author is currently working on his second book. The first book has displayed more than expected quality from a debutant and that comes, we think, from his long experience in the public life. The language used by the author is simple and plain; he tries to connect and not to create a gap between the encoder and the decoder!

In the future, we will update this section as the author writes other books. Right now, for a debutant, Ravi has shown signs of promise and we can expect only better from him in the future!

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