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Jiddu Krishnamurti, popular as only J Krishnamurti, was a profound philosopher and a spiritual speaker. He was also a very well-known writer who has produced some of the quality books in the field of spirituality and philosophy. Born in 1895 in modern-day Andhra Pradesh, J Krishnamurti was picked to be the world teacher. However, he later rejected that offer and rather decided to be the speaker and a lifelong seeker helping others seeking the true meaning of life. Most of his works are the seminal milestones today which help numerous seekers in unfolding the mysteries of life and freedom.

The works of J Krishnamurti are often in the form of dialogues – the talks that he held with his disciples during the tours to the different part of the world. Out of his well-known books, some of the best ones are:

and several others are there which you can enjoy reading, but the list here displays the books which are most read and taken as the exemplary discourses on life, death, freedom, independence and other aspects of worldly life.

The great orator that J Krishnamurti was, the same could be seen reflected in his books which were in fact, as we told, a compilation of his talks and discourses. Krishnamurti was a person who did not believe that any religion could lead to the realization of truth. To attain the truth and to understand the significance of life, a person has to be objective and has to cast off all the attachments that he might have. These thoughts lay the core foundation of Krishnamurti’s works in the written format.

Not only as an author, but Krishnamurti has also produced some works as a poet. The Immortal Friend, published in 1928, contains 60 poems composed by the poet J Krishnamurti. The Song of Life, published in 1931, was the final collection of poems by the author.

The life of this man has been a life of a saint, not in the worldly context, though. He did not marry and devoted his life to seeking and helping others in seeking the same thing. He was enlightened, no doubt; moreover, his talks suggest the same! He later came close to some of the Hindu and Buddhist scholars, possibly to exchange ideas and thoughts. However, he was not a great fan of religion and believed in the pursuit of simple humanistic perfection (which is too vast to be thought for the commoners).

To conclude, Jiddu Krishnamurti stands as one of the most sought after authors of India and the world. He spent his life preaching on life and aspects of life. His sentences are not lesser than the gospels of the spiritual Bible (if there could be any). We will suggest reading the works of this author to everyone who would love to unravel the secrets of this worldly existence and understand something beyond…

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