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Ananda Karunesh, also known as Ananda Ji, is an author from India. His debut book, A Thousand Seeds of Joy, has brought him the recognition and respect as an author. However, he is already very popular among the intellectual circles because of his knowledge, which is widely appreciated, in spiritual practices and ancient scriptures. He is also into the Zen Awakening and he has experienced the same a long time ago.

Ananda Karunesh author

Otherwise a professor, Ananda Karunesh has been into spiritual and meditative practices for the last 35 years. When he realised that he should share his understanding and delight with others around him, he chose the path of writing because a book is a very good medium for spreading a message. In Ananda Ji’s case, the message is about a very interesting interpretation of life – seeing things with a totally different view than the usual.

A Thousand Seeds of Joy offers the readers a conversation between Ananda Ji and the Goddesses, Lakshmi and Saraswati Ji. In the conversation, a reader can find the opinions of the Goddesses on various issues – from the ancient ones to the modern ones. Various scriptures have been brought to the readers with a different opinion on them. Goddesses also answer the inquisitive questions of Ananda Ji on other cultures – such as Christian and Buddhist.

As an author, Ananda Ji’s first attempt at writing displays a great sense of understanding of tempo and language usage. The readers can easily sense that the book progresses in a very enticing manner and it holds the interest of the readers very carefully. Leaving aside the issue of faith, whether Goddesses are really talking to him or not to the readers, we can assure our readers that Ananda Ji’s book has very beautifully explained the concepts and the issues taken up for discussion. The content is certainly authoritative and it creates a beautiful impact on the mind of the readers.

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You can read more about the book here: A Thousand Seeds of Joy

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  • A good author. I read his book ‘A thousand seeds of joy’. Interesting and full of wisdom. It is really nice to see that some authors are still trying to protect the soul of literature.


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