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Author: Haribakth

Book: 19th Akshauhini: Algorithm of the Gita


Haribakth is the pen name of author Ravindra Rao who has written a very well-documented book on Gita – 19th Akshauhini: Algorithm of the Gita. The co-author or the illustrator of the later part of the book is his daughter and an architect by profession – Vaishnavi. The book has generally received a positive response from the readers as well as reviewers. This book has secured a place for Haribakth in the category of spiritual authors from India.


After taking a voluntary retirement from a public sector bank job, Haribakth has dedicated his time to research and studies of the religious scriptures. His passion for knowing more and more helped him coming out with this book on Gita, 19th Akshauhini.

After reading 19th Akshauhini, one can come up with a view that the writing style of Haribakth might seem a little clumsy and unclear and also disorderly. However, one cannot side-off the research that the author has done in order to prepare this book. The writing style might seem clumsy because of the fact that the author had to present arguments in favour or against the facts that he was presenting in the book. Otherwise, the writing of Haribakth is to the point, simple to comprehend and very much near to the readers’ pleasure.

The author is reportedly working on other religious books after the success of his debut book on Gita. Spiritual authors in India are rare to find who come up with a new concept. We generally see authors from spiritual backgrounds only writing their books with a certain leaning or bias or prejudice. Haribakth is not falling into that trail and he has presented his distinct skills to the readers with his debut book which has been received with acclaim. We have to wait and watch for the next title by Haribakth as the readers are eagerly waiting for something new from him.

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