Want to learn investment minus the complicated numbers – read Jayaram Rajaram’s Just Invest & Become Insanely Wealthy

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Jayaram Rajaram the author of Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy book

In India, there are many authors who have the art of simplifying complex concepts. We have read many authors who write in the spiritual, metaphysical, mystic or philosophical genres. They can make our lives easy by detailing the complex and perplexing issues like life, death, fate, future, desires, questions about things that we cannot discuss with people unless they are of a very intellectual nature. However, just by reading the authors like Swami Vivekananda, Sadhguru, Yogananda, Agyeya or even R K Narayan, we can understand many complex emotions, thoughts, and ideas comfortably. Likewise, in the same category is the issue of investment. Something that people want to understand but they cannot understand because, in general, authors tend to further add confusion and chaos by adding numbers, implicit ideas, strictly academic jargon or economical weight that readers cannot comprehend without a background in finance. Well, for such readers who want to learn the art of investment minus the jargon and complex numbers, there is a book by Jayaram Rajaram – Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy. This book has been appreciated and liked by the readers at large. However, we will discuss the writing and not the book directly.

Jayaram’s strength lies in his capability to keep the readers engaged in a topic that rarely has the gravity to keep the readers from different backgrounds absorbed. For example, a science student can only exceptionally be attracted to literary topics. Likewise, people from common backgrounds or those who have very little interest in investment can seldom have a say on the topics of investment unless they find a useful book that can guide them about the basics of investment without confusing them (too much). So, Jayram Rajaram takes them on a journey to Dalal Street instead of Wall Street… The author has adopted a style of writing that is suitable for the common citizens of India, without adding too much financial jargon to the text, and simply explained the benefits of stock investment, investments in real estate and gold, debt and agricultural land and produce, mass or crowd purchasing and renting heavy equipment, office and home rental and a few other investments including cryptocurrency which has gone redundant because it’s still unclear in India.

Jayaram Rajaram is a new author and yet he has managed to pull off a very practical, useful and simple guide or reference book on investments. He has kept his language clean and that will be a help to many readers who are not into the lexicon of the wealth. Why one should do something and how one should do something are the focus of the author rather than what is the thing. And this is a very fine example of writing displayed by the author in his very debut work.

So, if you are looking for an author who could help you with stock investment awareness or investment of any kind, you can get introduced to Jayaram’s book on optimistic investment and a prudent strategy – Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy. Neither I nor the author vouches you should do exactly what is said in the book, just read and you will be able to make your decisions without any aid. All the best!


By Anand for The Indian Authors

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