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Dr Anjum Shaikh, a distinguished public health expert and the visionary founder of EveCare, is making significant strides in the field of women’s health with her transformative book, “EmpowHER: Wellness, Hygiene & YOU.” With a profound dedication to empowering women, Dr. Shaikh leverages her extensive experience to address the often-overlooked aspects of female health and hygiene. As an author, she combines her medical expertise with a compassionate approach to educate and inspire her readers.

Dr Shaikh’s journey in women’s healthcare began with the founding of EveCare, a pioneering platform dedicated to revolutionising women’s health. Through EveCare, she has provided personalised tools and resources for menstrual cycle tracking, symptom monitoring, fertility insights, and contraception guidance. This platform has empowered countless women to take control of their health and prioritise their well-being. Her foray into writing is a natural extension of this mission, driven by a desire to bridge the knowledge gap surrounding women’s health issues.

In “EmpowHER,” Dr. Shaikh tackles critical topics such as menstrual health, pregnancy care, intimate well-being, menopause, and mental health. She provides practical advice and debunks myths, aiming to break the societal taboos that often surround these subjects. Her writing is characterised by its accessibility, making complex medical information understandable to a broad audience. “EmpowHER” is not just a book; it is a call to action for women to embrace their bodies and make informed health choices.

Seeing the hesitation of parents and teachers in discussing wellness and hygiene topics with their children inspired Dr. Shaikh to write this book. “Seeing many parents and teachers feeling stressed about discussing wellness and hygiene topics with their children saddened me,” she explains. “As the first educators of children, parents and teachers play a crucial role in shaping their understanding. However, this hesitation contributes to a lack of awareness, which can lead to issues like period poverty. This realisation inspired me to write ‘EmpowHER,’ aiming to bridge the knowledge gap by empowering every girl and woman to take charge of her body and wellness.”

Dr. Shaikh’s writing is both educational and empowering. She aims to destigmatise conversations around female health, fostering a sense of self-care and self-advocacy among her readers. “For those who haven’t read my book yet, ‘EmpowHER: Wellness, Hygiene & YOU’ is a valuable resource designed to educate and empower girls and women about their bodies and well-being,” she says. “The book addresses important, often overlooked topics, providing practical advice to promote health and confidence. By encouraging open dialogue and practical guidance, ‘EmpowHER’ aims to destigmatise conversations around female health, fostering self-care and self-advocacy.”

Dr. Shaikh’s contribution to women’s health extends beyond her writing. With a Master’s in Healthcare Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery, she has been instrumental in shaping public health policy and driving positive change in the healthcare industry. Her tenure at MediAssist, where she spearheaded the implementation of the MediBuddy platform, is a testament to her leadership and innovative spirit. Under her guidance, MediBuddy revolutionised healthcare delivery, enhancing patient care and increasing access to healthcare services.

Writing serves a multifaceted purpose for Dr. Shaikh. “Writing serves multiple purposes for me. In ‘EmpowHER: Wellness, Hygiene & YOU,’ I challenge societal taboos surrounding female health by addressing crucial yet often overlooked aspects of women’s well-being,” she says. “By promoting open dialogue and providing practical guidance on topics such as menstrual hygiene, reproductive health, sexual wellness, and mental well-being, I aim to destigmatise conversations around female health issues and encourage self-care and self-advocacy. Writing allows me to educate, inspire, and foster understanding, making a meaningful impact by raising awareness on these important topics.”

Dr. Shaikh’s dedication and contributions to women’s health have been recognised through various awards and accolades, including the “Inspiring Leader of the Year 2018” and “Inspiring Women Health Entrepreneur 2024.” Beyond her professional achievements, she is passionate about making a difference in the world, whether spending time with her family, writing, or exploring new ideas.

In summary, Dr. Anjum Shaikh is a trailblazer in women’s health. She uses her expertise and passion to educate and empower women through her writing. Her book, “EmpowHER: Wellness, Hygiene & YOU,” is a testament to her commitment to breaking down barriers and promoting informed health choices. Dr. Shaikh’s work transforms lives and fosters a healthier, more informed society.

You can read more about her work, EmpowHER, here: EmpowHER: Wellness, Hygiene & YOU

Author’s official website: Dr Anjum Shaikh


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