Sanjana Kanamarlapudi – a young, talented and versatile author of seven books at the age of thirteen

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Sanjana Kanamarlapudi young author seven books 13 years

Truth is that new authors are always exciting to read. And the caveat is – as long as they bring something new to the world of fiction or non-fiction or poetry. And therefore, it can safely be said that only a few authors could become successful because they rather tend to follow someone else’s footsteps rather than bring their original content to the fore. Nevertheless, there are a few who dare to bring their version out to the world. Sanjana Kanamarlapudi is one of those rare authors and the best part about her career is that she is too young – only 13! There is plenty of time with her to work on her writing, develop her skills and come out with better versions of herself in the times to come!

Sanjana Kanamarlapudi is an author who has been writing fiction for four years now. It is natural that when you write continuously, you are certain to improve your skills and learn new styles, methods and techniques to create better fiction as time moves on. However, with Sanjana, things are different. She began writing with basic children sketchbooks and reached a position where she can write science fiction, fantasy fiction, and complete length novels with a better and bigger storyline that moves in a synchronised manner with other details of the novel. The Moon Wolf, the latest publication of the young author, proves this thing time and again… you will notice as you read the work.

The author started her writing journey with a book on unicorn, Cupcake: The Unicorn. She continued the unicorn’s journey in two more works and gave a special place to her dog, the teddy, in a dedicated work, I Love My Dog, Teddy. However, with her fifth publication, Bella Clarke and The Game of Mysteries, Sanjana entered into the world of fiction writing in a full swing. The novel seems to be inspired by fantasy novels involving magical schools. However, it is admirable that Sanjana could keep her originally in the story intact.

Two other novels by Sanjana, Back to Earth and The Moon Wolf, introduce her understanding of fiction, storyline and plots very well. One is a science fiction novel and another is a fantasy genre work. In both these works, the author has been able to provide the readers with entertainment and useful, wise and beneficial messages. One talks about keeping our earth in a better condition and another talks about skills and qualities of leadership as reflected in the wolf, Moony.

Sanjana Kanamarlapudi has become popular and admired by children readers because she can offer them wise and useful alternatives to spend their time rather than keeping themselves indulged in video games and mobile phones. In the age when others read something or spend their time with gadgets of very little use, Sanjana has already written seven books and it is nothing but openly appreciable!

You can read the books by Sanjana or gift them to someone who will love to read such works. Click the link below to go to Amazon and get her books:

Buy the works by Sanjana – click here for the Amazon author page


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