Vanisha Uppal – an author simplifying the mysteries of life in her writings

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Vanisha Uppal exhibits tremendous simplicity in her debut work – ON THE WAY

If we can call bloggers authors, there will be many on the list. However, filtering through the list will get us a few names who are serious about the issues they write about and pursue their ‘course’ correctly. Vanisha Uppal is such a name, a blogger writing for some time now. Moreover, she has recently published a book and thus ending the dilemma of whether we should call her by the occupation of a blogger or an author! ON THE WAY, Vanisha Uppal’s debut book touches the very uncommon issues of very common lives – spirituality, meditation, awareness of God’s existence, the realisation of some higher authority, the purpose of life, love, friendship, why do we suffer (if we think so), how can one live one’s life without any stress and so on… as I pointed out, the uncommon issues of our common lives.

However, as tough as it seems to hear or read, the writing style of Vanisha Uppal is so simplified that she is able to communicate her ideas straightforward without any need of using clumsily metaphors or distinct analogies that might compel the readers to be unsure of their interpretations. And this unique approach to her content makes any piece within the book ON THE WAY very simple, comprehensive and very convenient to be understood by any moderate reader of any age.

Upon reading Vanisha’s opinions, views and ideas, one will quickly grasp that she has the ability to make complex issues simple by using down to earth examples, taking snippets out of her personal experiences, adding meaning to ordinary ideas that we encounter almost daily. It is evident from her examples taken from the lockdowns of 2020 when the entire nation sat home in fear and panic. Vanisha, on the other hand, tries to convey that timeout can be used to relook, reassess and realise what we have been doing and in which way. So, in terms of keeping the readers in the loop, the author has better ideas and strategies that will certainly impress the readers.

Talking about the language, the style, the length of her articles and the tempo – getting to the complex issues gradually but eventually – everything about the debut work sends out an impression that Vanisha’s writing is not only persuasive but also logical, progressive and ideal for those who want to understand different perspectives on serious issues in life in a simplified way. In other words, if someone wants to understand what it is like living with hope, without dismay and quandary, in a way that does not further baffle him or her, Vanisha’s writing will be helpful.

You can further learn about Vanisha’s writing style and content by reading blogs on her website or getting a copy of her debut book – ON THE WAY. Click the link below for the Amazon India book page:

Buy the book by Vanisha – Amazon India – click here 


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