Aurijit Ganguli returns with The Mystery Mountains – another exploration into the past, history and myths

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Aurijit Ganguli The Mystery Mountains book release novel

“Although the setting of the book is fictional, the facts and figures cited in the narrative are all real. Over the past few decades, experts have found ample evidence to support the existence of ante-diluvian civilisations. Gobekli Tepe in Turkey is a case in point.”

Aurijit Ganguli, the author of The Shambala Sutras, a fictional tale related to the ancient and historical site Shambala, comes back with another well-researched fiction on the anti-diluvian civilisations. It is customary with Aurijit’s writing style that he ensures his readers get facts, even if it’s packed with the decorated foil of fiction. And readers of contemporary fiction can also expect the same in this case. Aurijit Ganguli’s second novel, The Mystery Mountains, will be launched later this week, or you can say by towards the end of May 2022.

The Mystery Mountains is a project on which the author has worked for many months collecting historical evidence, scientific discoveries and instances of his assertions on an anti-diluvian civilisation. The author has hinted that this novel will not be a continuation of his first novel’s story. Though the protagonists have been retained, Arjun and Lisa will be there, but they will be on a different mission this time around. Arjun is a Botanist and Lisa is a chef. However, their interest in ancient history and exploration brings them together in the discovery of bygone knowledge, ancient wisdom and civilisations. After Shambala, they are wandering in Peru to find connections with the lost civilisation.

The author is very much interested in travelling himself. And that’s why he creates characters who are into travelling and exploration. It can be suggested. Nevertheless, with this second novel, The Mystery Mountains, Aurijit Ganguli has come forward with a very interesting claim that clears the air very much.

“Furthermore, the places are described in such details that the readers may use the book as a travel guide too.” 

He has written about Peru, mostly, in his new book. And he is so confident in his site details that he suggests the readers can use the novel as a travel guide. And now, readers can expect the novel to be a handful of travel bookish content they can use to trace and navigate to important places in Peru and other places described in The Mystery Mountains.

The book will be launched soon, most probably by the weekend itself. The readers who have read The Shambala Sutras must know that Aurijit believes in constructive fiction writing and he goes beyond merely offering entertainment to his readers. It will be interesting to see what the novelist has offered this time beyond what we know – the premise.


Written by Vyom for The Indian Authors

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