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There are many newcomers coming in Indian English literature with potential and wonderful writing skills. After the evolution of some bestseller self-published authors, there is a room for everyone to show their skills and impress the readers. Moreover, there is a normal trend that can be traced by taking a considerable look at the literature published in recent times that most of the authors either write a romance novel or mythological fiction with a modern narrative and twists that relate the ancient to the modern and establish a link that keeps the readers tied and excited. Aurijit Ganguli is certainly one of the authors on the list of mythological and ancient Indian fiction writers. However, a look at his writing compels me to think that he is not the usual one; his writing exhibits the difference and subtle art of weaving a story around things we know and things we want to know with considerable excitement. In this article for Indian Authors, I will explore his writing style, philosophy and fiction skills.

The Person – Early Life & Present :
Aurijit Ganguli was born on 23rd October 1966 in Calcutta (Kolkata of present time). That day was Vijya Dashmi and we all know how auspicious it is for an Indian family and more for an Indian family in Bengal. He spent his early life there and did his schooling from South Point High School, Calcutta. He pursued a bachelor degree in engineering from Calcutta University. His father, Dr Surjit Ganguli, worked with Pharmectucilas MNC. His mother, Mrs Pushpita Ganguli, is a homemaker. Aurijit is married to Mrs Keya Choudary Ganguli who has worked with several tech giants and now indulged in her own business of consulting. Aurijit started his career in textile and chemical plants and he travelled to Japan for a brief period. He switched to information technology after completing a full-time 6-months course with IBM. Since then he has worked with several reputed organisations including Oracle. At present, Aurijit has entered into the business consulting endeavour with his own start-up, Bizwin.
Apart from this, he has a keen interest in writing and reading stories that take him to the writing industry. One can expect an influence of literature on any person who is brought up in Bengal. Aurijit did not let literature slide away from his periphery and the present book, The Shambala Sutras, is a result of the same.

His Writing:
It is impossible for a Bengali person to isolate oneself from literature. Bengal has produced some eminent figures in the field of literature like Rabindranath Tagore, Swami Vivekanand, Aurobindo Ghosh and many more. Aurujit is influenced by many authors from the West and India. The portrayal of their style, influence and narrative can be sensed in his writings. He has maintained the decorum of language and narrated the story in a very constructive and exciting way. His skill is more than enough to keep the readers engaged until the end.

Writing means something different to him rather than just narrating the story to his audience. In his own words, he defines what does writing mean to him:

“A fulfilling exercise of catharsis, learning and self-discovery. I prefer doing a lot of research before I start writing anything. This expands my horizon and enhances my knowledge.”

He is a kind of writer who is looking forward to enhancing his personal knowledge with the process of writing for his audience and this means that he looks beyond pleasing his audience and providing them with temporal joy. And that is why one can find in his debut novel, The Shambala Sutras, more than pleasure, excitement and interesting tale – what, why, how and when…

The Shambala Sutras revolves around the classic Indian history and the myths of a mystical, hidden, historical and religiously important kingdom in the Himalayas – Shambala. A team of researchers comes in the search of Sanjeevani to India and fate had other plans. His story is very interesting and tries to present the things with a fresh perspective that can be read by every kind of readers. He does not want his books to be limited to certain section and groups that’s why he has taken a universal approach to write the story. For Aurijit Ganguli, a literary production goes beyond entertainment and it should have something that can be there with the readers even after the book is finished, old and redundant. He tells:

“Write such a Book which every educated and sensible individual would like to gift it to those who matter most to him or her. A book should fuel emotional gratification, inspire intellectual yearning, and disseminate positivity.”

He takes a visionary approach and tries to portray himself as a serious writer rather than a casual novelist looking to engage his readers for the time a book is being read. You can understand the novelists that fit this criterion.

A fan of Dan Brown, the novelist praises Indian novelists as well, including Ashwin Sanghi.

“Amongst the contemporary Indian writers, I like the style and content of Ashwin Sanghi, Christopher Doyle and Shri M, to name a few.”


His Books:
The Shambala Sutras

While the entry of Aurijit Ganguli and many likes of him in the ‘domain’ of writing is essential for the readers because they will get choices, we can also say that authors like Aurijit go beyond mere ambition and try to establish themselves among the heavyweights in the writing industry. His novel, only one which has published recently, gives a sense of the urge of storytelling and also the rush to offer the readers the content that is loaded not only with entertainment and excitement but also with a dose of inquisitive interest in the topics being discussed. Aurijit Ganguli understands the Indian readers’ psychology very well, and this is something that we can establish by reading his debut work, The Shambala Sutras.

More will be added to this story once we have more novels by this author on the list. You can know more about Aurijit by visiting his official website –

Article written by Amit Mishra

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