Shawn Vij: An author with Indian origin tells it’s not only business but personal too!

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Shawn Vij – an author in search of peace

We often hear stories about persons around us and beyond who have changed themselves after being inspired by something or someone. People are curious to know about these experiences, the events or the source of inspiration that may have changed the lives of people significantly. We may find these things when people of concern share their thoughts in books, articles, news, interviews and other mediums of sharing one’s thoughts with the public at large. One such person, without a doubt, is Shawn Vij, who, with Indian roots to his identity, has come up with a book after his extensive experience in dealing with different kinds of people and ‘losing his soul; in the process. The turning point in the life of Shawn Vij was meeting with The Dalai Lama, which happened unexpectedly and largely without any intention. So, what changed for the author? What it did to him that Shawn came up with a book to warn others about the ‘toxicity’ at the workplace?

This spiritual meeting changed his views about the world amidst throat-cut competitions for momentary success in life. Shawn was inspired to meet The Dalai Lama many times after that short meeting and it brought changes in his life that he cherished, lived and enjoyed. Now Shawn Vij, as an enlighted person, shares his views and life experiences with others as an author. Moral Fiber: A Practical Guide to Living our Values offers us a lot to live a meaningful life which goes beyond profit-making. This book, as a practical guide to life, points out how people compromise with the basic principles of human life that lead the life nowhere. And then, suggests how one can overcome from this muddle like life to live a worthy and meaningful personal or professional life. For Shawn Vij, success and achievements do not count as everything in life.

This book is an outcome of the real-life experience of the corporate world where people seldom think beyond benefits. Moral Fiber extends how people, along with their commercial or corporate success, can carry basic human principles. Thus this book gives practical solutions to the people who feel trapped in their business suits and want to come over this confusion. This book is very much relevant in the contemporary world in which people, sometimes, feel suffocated, unable to find and establish a balance between work and life and want to get out of it, anyhow. By reading this book, I say confidently, the readers will certainly get many new perspectives to think, act and ponder the results.

Shawn Vij began his journey as an author after meeting Dalai Lama, the Buddhist spiritual Guru. His subsequent meetings unfold many mysteries of life that people come across. This meeting has become fruitful not only for the author but for many of those readers who read this book. The author’s simple but subtle approach to his content in the book and the simple language that he has used to deliver the messages make the book even more consumable. Shawn discusses churning the soul for business gains and positional gains and he also talks about the 4-dimensional trouble that comes to visit us on our business desks. He also discusses coming out of it by rekindling the moral fiber.

Shawn’s journey as an author has just begun but the beginning certainly approves of a fantastic journey! 


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