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Suraj Laxminarayanan’s name is coming to the light in the recent days after his debut novel, Elephants in the Room, has become the topic of the literary talks among the readers, literary enthusiasts and critics. An engineer by profession, Suraj resides in Bangalore and works as a software engineer with a reputed company. However, other than indulging in the program writing for his applications, Suraj also used to write and has been doing so for a long time now. His debut book has taken about three years to complete and it shows how much dedication is involved in his fiction writing.

Suraj Lexminarayanan author

An admirer of thriller and crime fiction himself, Suraj wants to keep his readers in the loop with the happenings in the fiction. You will find a great detail in his narrative – about the events, about the characters, about the plans and schemes… and yet, you won’t find the novel being lazy or dull. The speed at which the fiction moves in the hands of Suraj is accurate, succinct and never out of the context. Reading his debut fiction will make these things apparent to the readers.

In an interview, Suraj Laxminarayanan admits that it took him a long time in completing Elephants in the Room which runs about 600 pages. Moreover, he also reveals that in his novel, characters represent the vivid emotions which are an essential part of human life – fear, passion, greed and a determination to live. He says that:

“It is also a character-driven psychological thriller where fear is the recurring emotion throughout the book.”

So, he focuses on creating psychologically inflated thrillers which will certainly help the readers by providing with the true recreation that they need from their fiction reading habits. Elephants in The Room is a story that portrays the events which run for four days only. Three different gangs come to rob a bank on the same day and the things become messy! And there the fiction begins.

Suraj’s writing has been appreciated by the readers widely and that’s why his book has been praised by the readers who were lucky enough to read the pre-release copy of the book. We will keep the readers of Indian Authors updated with the inputs as we get them. Keep watching this space for more.

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