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Sujith Balakrishnan, born in Kerala, India, is currently a professional in the UAE. With a degree in Engineering and then MBA, Sujith Balakrishnan did well enough in his professional life but he vocation for creativity led him into writing fiction. So, he began writing in Malayalam and recently, he has written an English novel based on the Suryanelli rape case of 1996. This is his debut English novel that brought Sujith into the world of recognition as an author.


Sujith Balakrishnan author and poet

The Chronicle of Golgotha Days is a novel that comprises of the horrific days a girl of 16 had to go through. A contrast between justice and injustice, love and betrayal, resolve and submission and many other contradictory ideas are there in the novel. Even though based on real events, Sujith has, somehow, managed to show the readers and critics a glimpse into his art of fiction.

As an author and a creative writer, Sujith believes in the idea of attaining a self-satisfaction out of his words. However, there is an interesting thing that is associated with his writing and how it originated. He tells:

“The ardent aspiration for writing came inside me when I moved to Muscat in 99. I know I cannot move freely as before and the only thing which could satisfy my artistic appetite was to read and write. These are the subliming and intense moments which makes me nudge and nudge in life.”

So, the new life threw a challenge at him and he accepted it. He acted by replying to life with his words and he became an author and then moved toward becoming a good author with some purpose and a fine example of it is his latest work and debut novel The Chronicle of Golgotha Days – a novel that reminds us how horrific someone’s life can become. However, the journey of writing this novel was not very easy for Sujith. It was almost a kind of personal agony that this idea brought to him. Sujith tells:

“I struggled for years to get a concrete and clear voice for my protagonist. When I finished the manuscript of my Novel, it gave me a sense of depression and a weak mind. I extended the thought of going to a therapist and finally, I went to one as I felt I can never come out from the dilemma. I have dealt to answer the queries of the society, law, judiciary when all blame the culprit instead of supporting her. This is utter ruthlessness. The novel ending is a bit dark which is the reality as the truly inspired characters are living in an anonymous location, waiting for justice.”

Sujith Balakrishnan has been successful in creating the effect he desired to create. His protagonist in the novel puts out the entire story of the original victim very forcefully and as fellow human beings, we can only hang our heads in shame and start questioning ourselves where have we failed as a society!

In the writings of Sujith, a reader will find a place for emotions and various dimensions of human life. He believes in that kind of writing that lingers even after the work is done and settled after a person reads it to the end. You can know more about the author by visiting his official website: Sujith Balakrishnan – author

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