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Savi Sharma author books biography

Name: Savi Sharma

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Inspirational 

Famous Books: Everyone Has a Story, This is Not Your Story

Basic Introduction: 

Well, in the modern era, almost every third reader is a writer himself or herself. After 2000, the hegemony established by some reputed class has been declined and everyone has a story to tell. Most of the writers choose to write romantic novels and succeed as well. Today, I am talking about a female author Savi Sharma who has made her debut with a best selling book ‘Everyone Has a Story’ that is claimed to have broken several records as well. As the title suggests, and the blurb of the book tells, it seems to be an inspirational story where every character is in a hurry to achieve something greater in their respective fields. However, when you go deeper into the content of the book, you will feel misled and misguided by the cover story that you may assume. So, Savi Sharma has many stories to tell other than the stories that are assumed to be by the cover arts. She has made a mark for herself and space for her writing among the young readers. Most of her readers are youths in their teens or young students in their 20s. Though limited, her readership is wide. However, she is not in the league of the authors who can represent Indian fiction on international forums.  

Personal Life:

Savi was born in 1993 in Bahal, a small town in Bhiwani district, Haryana. She went to receive a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Surat University. She was preparing for Charted Accountancy but, as happens in most of the cases, she left it in between and went on to pursue other things which might be easier than what she left. And, as many of the readers would agree, nothing is easier than writing fiction if your subject is something around romance and cheap thrills. I am not assuming that the same is true for Savi Sharma but her writing is not very elevated as well.

Her Writings:

Savi Sharma is a modern Indian writer, who claims to write inspirational novels but unfortunately, you cannot find much inspiration till the last page. Her first novel ‘Everyone Has a Story’ supposedly intended to inspire the readers to achieve what they like in their life but unfortunately, the terrible writing style of the author made it a worse book that can make the readers laugh when it was intended to let them feel pain and elevation at the appropriate times. Her language choices and her narrative styles betray her ideas, if we assume those are something better than what is there in the novel as the final outcome. 

Savi’s writings are based on some practical issues that we often think about. Her primary focus on picking issues like love, relationships, dreams and career is natural because most of the readers would like to see their struggles and thoughts reflected in the novels or books they read in any genre. And therefore, most of the modern slangs are used in the books at frequent intervals which shouldn’t surprise the readers at all. 

Characterisation and language are the worst part of her writings. In her novels, characters fail to connect with readers. Though they begin as normal human beings pasted in the novel from the very surroundings. With time and as the plot progresses in the novel, the characters move towards alienating themselves because of many reasons.  

We should agree on this point that modern Indian English Fiction has become rootless and fails to convey the messages in an impactful way. A standard class of authors that include left-leaning and propaganda-oriented authors has some dignity in their writings and they are hurriedly picked for prizes as well. On the other hand, authors like Nikita Singh, Chetan Bhagat and Savi Sharma herself are the ones who do all the possible things to hit the chord right with their readers without worrying too much about the approval of ‘that’ class and they are very well justified in their ways. In short, you can put all the modern authors in the same basket and you will certainly have a hard time differentiating them from each other. They all are same, only the covers are different! 

Coming to Savi, she has tried to generate a reader base for herself and she has succeeded in doing the same. However, the expert reading class or the ones who can differentiate fiction from fractured emotional diarrhoea will certainly have a good time amusing themselves while reading the novels written by Savi – nothing but same stories each time on the same template and every time, significantly enough, served as new novels. Her writing and her enduring readers are certainly commendable who can imagine something new coming out of the same origin. Seriousness is lacking in her novels and uneasy ease of childlike exploration takes over the entire proceedings which are not good for her writings in the long run. 

Into Her Works:

She has written many books but two of them are very popular. However, the very basic element that modern authors lack is how to write different books. From first to second to third, all of the books look like the same or you can say it is the collection of their blogs and occasional writings (figuratively). She fails to bring something new that readers can be excited to read. She banks on the frustration that modern lifestyle has created in the lives of people and uses it in her novels to the optimum. Readers want to see their ordinary reflection in the novels that novelists with extraordinary heights of thoughts cannot accommodate in their works and they look towards the authors like Savi and they don’t disappoint because they need readers and readers need authors. 

Her Works:

  1. Everyone Has a Story
  2. This is Not Your Story
  3. Everyone Has a Story 2
  4. Stories We Never Tell
  5. Mr Lover

These are her major works. There is a common word in every book ‘story’. 

Major Awards:

Though she does not have any awards in her bank, she is very popular among youths. She claims that she is the first female self-published author who became a bestseller. With many self-publishing companies in India rising and many book promotion firms emerging, Savi’s character may be an inspiration for other women authors who want to convey their thoughts to their readers without the fear of being rejected by the big names in the publishing industry. 

At the same time, that she is inspirational for many reasons, in the near future, there is a scanty chance that she is winning a major award. Even her unacknowledged ideological leader Chetan Bhagat has not won any major awards. Though there are many awards being set-up by the groups who acknowledge the presence of bestselling literature as a major component in the ongoing periphery-expansion of Indian literature who can recognise her contributions and reward her with something. 


It is harsh to say but authors like Savi Shama make an ephemeral impact on the reader’s mind that they just read and forget. There is only a momentary joy that we can extract from her novels. Moreover, the novels are basically written for the youths only and they are enjoying it. Authors like Savi Sharma don’t think too much while writing; they just write spontaneously what comes in their mind and all they need are just a publisher and a designer who could cover the content… done! 

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written by Amit Mishra for The Indian Authors 

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