Ravi Nirmal Sharma

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Author: Ravi Nirmal Sharma
Born – 1961
Book(s): The Quest of the Sparrows, Trailblazers (serialised), They also Feel


The co-author of a very well-known and one of the best-selling novels in the contemporary Indian writing, The Quest of the Sparrows, Ravi Nirmal Sharma, better known as Ravi Sharma only, lives in New Delhi. He was born in Trivandrum, India. As of his own thoughts, Ravi has been ‘a writer first through passion and then by profession’. Other than The Quest of the Sparrows, Ravi has also written several other pieces which include two serialised novels – Trailblazers and They also Feel.

Ravi Nirmal Sharma

Writing for many years now, Ravi has been published in many literary magazines and also won many awards for his short stories. For Ravi, short stories do not mean just a genre in short to narrate almost anything. He takes care of his choices for the theme and understands that his narratives should not go beyond human interest. The major short stories which he has written until now fall in the brackets of love, science fiction, technology and comedy.

The Quest of the Sparrows was the first major breakthrough in the career of Ravi as an author. This novel, which shows a better way to live the life and ‘explore the joy of freedom’, has set Ravi to the position he deserves. He has always been in a favour that writing should not only be for petty purposes of fame and wealth – it should have something great attached to it, as a moral purpose. For Ravi, writing came to him as a healing process when he has facing difficulties in his life. That’s something which one can easily find in his writings.

Talking about the contemporary Indian literature, Ravi has many views to offer. He feels that good works in fiction and non-fiction genre which are being published in India today, give the readers a chance to see India as it is and not from any biased point of view by some foreign authors who only care to present only one side of the story. He thinks the diverse views which are coming from different parts of India itself are all-welcoming and a great scenario for the people as they get to know complex but authentic views on India by Indians!

As of now, Ravi Nirmal Sharma is working on his second major novel. Along with Kartik, his son and a colleague in writing, he is mulling on another novel of the same spirit as The Quest of the Sparrows but a different theme.

Professionally, Ravi is working with a reputed multinational company and sees into the duty of creative director there.

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