Ravi Dabral – author and the corporate in spiritual pursuit

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In Indian literary culture, there are two kinds of authors. The first ones are those who achieve something after they begin writing and the second ones are who write something after achieving something great in their lives. Ravi Dabral is one from the latter ones who have begun writing after they accomplished the worldly gains. Ravi Dabral, the author, has won the prestigious International Man of Excellence Award for Education, Corporate and Social Services. Decorated with more than twenty-five academic and professional qualifications, Ravi is a fellow member of seven reputed international institutes. These institutes are active in various fields like mediation, arbitration, corporate services, shipbroker and cost and management accountancy.

Author Ravi Dabral

Born and raised in Uttarakhand, the land of sages, Ravi Dabral was influenced immensely by the spiritual vibes and the effects of these initial influence can easily be seen in his literary writings.

So far, Ravi has written two books. The first one is nonfiction that was inspired by the Yogis and Sanyasis of Uttarakhand and other sacred places in India – Secrets of a healthy, wealthy & happy life. The second one, published recently, is a novel that also draws its inspiration from the spiritual pursuit but also offers an entertaining and gripping read so that the novel can reach the masses in spite of the age and interest boundaries – Greed, Lust, Addiction.

The second book by Ravi Dabral, a novel, is the story of an investigative journalist who is righteous and true to the core. However, it is not the story of his being true and spiritual; Greed, Lust, Addiction is the story that connects directly to the contemporary world we live in. It is a suspense and crime thriller novel that unmasks the corruption prevalent in every section of modern society – media, politics, police, judiciary and even among the common population. The twist in the novel has been added by the introduction of Yogis and Sadhus from the Himalayan ashrams who come to spiritually guide the journalist. So, one can easily see that Ravi Dabral, despite being a newcomer into the world of fiction, has managed to give a straight tale of a journalist a massive open-ended twist by introducing a handful of sages… and thus, the author proves in front of the readers his hold on the different domains of materialism and spiritualism. The novel, Greed, Lust, Addiction has been published in English as well as Hindi.

About the inspiration, the author says that his 15 years of research, studies and extensive outreach with the Himalayan Sadhus, Yogis and also Ashram Gurus have helped him understand how can a person manage to live happily and righteously even in this modern world. So, based on his realisation and knowledge, the author has shaped the plot and narrative of this novel. He has wisely chosen the theme to attract readership from the youths as well as from those who have grown up long enough to understand the ways of the world.

I will be updating this article with the views from critics and reviewers once I find some of the well-written pieces on Ravi Dabral’s literature. Till then, if you want to know more about him and his works, you can visit his official website – Author Ravi Dabral

article by Manish for The Indian Authors

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