Pravin Anand

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An Introduction:
Born and raised in Kanpur, Pravin Anand is an Indian author who has developed himself into a literary personality with specialities that make him stand out. He usually takes up the themes of love, romance and contemporary abstracts but also takes interest in the love stories which have become immortal. His tone is mild and his narrative is near to the day to day discourse. That’s what keeps his works connected to the readers of the day.

Pravin Anand Author
Pravin Anand

Personal Life:
Pravin Anand was born in brought up in Kanpur. Further, he pursued MBA then worked in government service as an Excise Inspector. At present, he is a Block Development Officer working for the UP government. His love for writing is not so new; it was originated when his short stories were published in the popular Hindi magazines ‘Mukta’ and ‘Meri Saheli’. Despite indulging in the government work, he constantly produces stories and also novels at certain tenures.

His Writings:
Pravin Anand is also another name in the list of the contemporary novelist whose major theme is somewhat revolving around love and romance. The difference between those and Pravin Anand is simple – he creates a classic tone and tenor in describing the details rather than presenting an erotic picture in a malicious manner. Like, his novel ‘Mumtaz and Taj Mahal’ depicts the standard of historical romance between Shahjahan, an emperor and a normal girl Mumtaz. He dramatizes the theme to make it comfortable for contemporary readers to grasp as much as possible.
He also held a bit of classical language in describing the details in the novel.
His other novels also depict the scenarios where the theme usually lingers around love and romantic pursuits.

His Major Works:

  1. I Love You More Than Anyone Else
  2. Mars, Love and Breakup
  3. Mumtaz and Taj Mahal

To end…:
The authors like Pravin Anand are the needs of the hour in Indian writing to create a balance which is actually levelled. One cannot agree more that the usual course of Indian English Literature (especially) has been going a different way than what we might have expected a decade ago. Now, authors like Pravin provide a different dimension with their traditional themes with a modern outlook. And thus, the balance is somehow met by such attempts and readers who feel a burn out with the mundane usual, they can skip a bit and read something traditional by these different set of authors. You can read one or two or each of Pravin’s novels to learn more about his writings.

Article by Amit for The Indian Authors

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