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Palak Kundra, 34, is an author who has made her debut in the writing industry with her first novel Bleeding Queens. Her novel is written in an almost autobiographical way because much of the material presented to readers as the fiction has been inspired by the real life stories of Palak herself. Bleeding Queens, her novel, is about the protagonists who don’t give up after humiliation by the hands of society or individuals. Palak’s story is about the strong reaction by the female protagonist Diljit who not only fights back but also gives it back!


Palak Kundra author


Palak Kundra, born in Amritsar, has been raised in a typical Indian family where the only motive indoctrinated in the women is getting the graduation degree somehow and get married and get settled and stay home. However, she could not satisfy herself with this loop and luckily, as Palak tells, she got the support of her husband Vikram Kundra. He inspired him in many walks of life including writing. Other than writing, Palak’s hobbies are reading, music, casual movies (she is a huge fan of Deepika) and also participating in the cooking competitions.

Palak Kundra’s main motivation for writing comes from the status quo that we have been maintaining in our society for so long against women. She wants to see the change as she had also to suffer at this or that point in this 21st-century Indian society which is dreaming to go beyond the planet! She puts it like this:

“I don’t like those who are hypocritical chauvinist men and women who don’t want change in society. Those who’re just born to eat and say shit. I hate abusive language and all crimes against women. And no matter how much candle marches had been done so far, nothing has changed at the lower levels.”

Through her writing, she wants to initiate a change and make a wave for something positive to come in the society in the terms of its purview towards the women. Bleeding Queens by Palak Kundra is an example in the same direction.

Palak’s storytelling skills and her writing and also her plot and theme choices have been appreciated not only by the readers but also by some of the book critics in India. She is quite enthusiastic about her debut and also preparing for her upcoming novel.

Palak’s writing might seem out of the box or going against the grain at times but she wants, like her character Diljit, to be heard and for that, we have to do something different at times. Palak Kundra will surely find herself among the forerunners in the Indian writing in the near future.

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