Niraj Sharma

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Neeraj Sharma author books biography

Name: Niraj Sharma

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Self-help, Psychological  

Famous Books: The Penthouse, Pinstripe Lust (forthcoming) 

Basic Introduction:

Niraj Sharma is an author who is also managing the business of his family, a newspaper publication, and contributing as an editor. He lives in Toronto, Canada. As he has been involved in academic processions for many years of his life, it was natural that an urge for writing was long due. He is interested in philosophy, poetry, psychology and also in general fiction. All these things, together, gave birth to his first published novel The Penthouse. This is a crime thriller novel which chronicles the rise and fall of an Italian young man, Vito Ricci. Niraj is also preparing to write his second novel and also many other books in fiction and non-fiction genre. 

His Writing:

Niraj Sharma has a clean style of writing that is based on a simple narrative with straightforward storytelling. However, the novelist also focuses on hiding his elements at times. Only into his first novel, Niraj has explored the conscious as well as the subconscious of his characters. This shows that the expertise and interest that the author has generated in studying various aspects of life through books have been reflected in his writings. Vito’s character displays a manifold of abstract ideas and can be studied as a metaphor connoting various ideas. Crime is at display in the novel on several occasions but the criminal psychology and psychology behind the guilt of being a criminal have also been discussed in a symbolic manner in the novel. So, one can understand that Niraj writes his debut novel with two layers – one is an absolute novel and another is beneath the apparent layer of proceedings in the storyline.  

His Works:

  1. The Penthouse – 2019
  2. Pinstripe Lust – forthcoming 

At the moment, there is only one published novel by Niraj which is there for the readership and responses by the readers and critics. However, the style of his writing is compulsive and it assures the readers as well as critics that the author will be appearing in the near future with many other works in fiction. As per Niraj’s declaration on his website, the author will be appearing with many other titles in various genres. 


Niraj can be seen as a novelist who wants to flip the board and play the game of crime thriller chase from the side with the ‘dark pieces’. This metaphor can be interpreted in many different ways but one clear meaning that comes out may certainly indicate that the novelist has tried to explore the insides of a criminal’s mind when he is dipped into the pond of crime entirely. As a reader, one can understand crime thriller novels, at large, are generally about shooting at large, murders, blood pouring on the storyline and plot full of twists and turns that lead to crime after crime. However, with Niraj Sharma’s novel, things are different. The readers will see how does one become a criminal and how there’s no way out of the sinister set-up once you are all in… His writing is interesting and it’s only going to be more and more interesting from here. 

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