Kartik Sharma

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Author: Kartik Sharma
Born – 1988
Book(s): The Quest of the Sparrows

Kartik Sharma is one of the co-authors of the 2011 multi-complimented book The Quest of the Sparrows. Along with his father, Ravi Sharma, he wrote this amazing novel which lets the reader enjoy a respite from the conventional contemporary fiction which remains good for nothing. Kartik is an author with different motives and that a reader can easily contemplate after reading his fiction for once. The author is now completing his second book.

Kartik Sharma author quest of the sparrows

From New Delhi, Kartik was published at the tender age of 23 (in the terms of writing) and then he went on to feature in newspapers and magazines for his accomplishment as an author. Interested more in philosophy and philosophical ideas, his second novel is also going to be “fueled with philosophy and at the same time encapsulated in science fiction” (as quoted by the author himself on his Goodreads profile). For Kartik, fiction came to be after his personal experiences that he had to go through when he was a child. His life has taught him many lessons and those lessons have moulded his fiction to present and try to solve the existential dilemma. His novel The Quest of the Sparrows also tries to present a narrative to the readers which focuses mainly on the existential questions, in the core having – why do we live?

When asked about the motivation behind his writings, Kartik answered: “My motivation is to create something beautiful and of real value.” (In an interview) It’s quite obvious that the author has nothing to take away for himself except the appreciation which any good writer would want to have! Creating something of ‘real value’ in fiction is an odd thing today which we don’t easily find in the writers who just want to write anything and become bestsellers overnight! The write theirs for money and fame – not for something of value. Kartik’s ambition, on the other hand, is quite evident in his very first novel which came out in 2011.

Other than getting ready for his second novel, he is also producing several short stories which he thinks one day to bring out as a collection. The favoured genre for Kartik Sharma to write short stories is science fiction. Other than his writing, he is also a very ardent reader and affirms that this digital revolution has done much for the advantage of the readers. He thinks that the digital publications, independent publications, and e-books have changed the game completely! Yes, he is also curious to secure that the content delivered to the readers must be filtered and not hurried.

Professionally, Kartik used to be an investment banker and quit his job for his writing career. He is an IIT and IIM alumnus and began working in the banking sector. However, the technical and corporate experiences that he had, probably worked the best for him in crafting his fiction! Right now, he is finalising his second novel which, as far as we know, is going to be very close to the younger generation of the nation. Let’s wait and see what comes next from and when it comes. We will update this section with further information as we gather.

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