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Author – Hamid Baig
Book – Little Maryam

Hamid Baig author

Hamid Baig, an Indian novelist, emerged on the scene of Indian writing with his very impressive debut novel entitled Little Maryam. This novel by him was released on 26 January 2018. The novel has been appreciated by the readers and critics on different platforms including popular book review websites and on various other platforms. Hamid’s writing style does require a feature analysis from our team and today we are doing the same for our readers. We will let you know what the qualities in the writing of Hamid Baig and what are the areas where he might need to improve in future when he comes out with other novels by him.

Hamid Baig’s style of writing, on the first impression, seems certainly new but inspired by the contemporary ones who focus more on reader-oriented writings rather than author-oriented stories. He offers the readers what they want; he keeps his personal choices in the backseat, most often.

His plot construction beats the contemporary league by a considerable margin. We have examined his plot and that of many other writers writing contemporary fiction. Hamid’s plot is capable enough to keep the readers excited and keep them in a mode of anticipating. As a reader, you will surely speculate but the outcome might, at times, deceive you. That’s certainly a strength and readers who read thrilling fiction more and more would certainly appreciate it.

The language used in the novel by Hamid Baig (though we do have only one by now) is simple and that should not be a problem for the contemporary readers. However, he tends to make it a little more ‘youthfully localised’ so that the readers of young age should be at home reading his novel. This might be a good tactic for the youth readers but to keep himself relevant among the readers who like reading a classy language, Hamid might have to improve his language level and will have to be careful with his word choices.

He has a very good sense of fiction. His story certainly impressed many readers and critics. He offered something which hasn’t been offered recently or, at least, hasn’t been offered in this particular way. This is the essential part of any writers’ journey. One has to be sure of his storyline and his capabilities and play on that very aspect. We can hope that his next novels also offer the stories of the same quality or even more than that.

One certain problem that occurred in the case of Little Maryam was the limitation. The limitation of focused characters; the limitation of focused events, and the limitation of author’s focus on a certain character. This is the thing that the author needs to look into. We can hope that Hamid Baig’s next novels will have a broader characters’ circumference.

This was The Indian Authors’ five-point assessment of Hamid Baig’s qualities as an author. We will keep doing the same for many others who are writing the contemporary fiction.

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