Durjoy Datta

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When a student of English literature is busy reading Victorian Novels and he comes to read some modern Indian Novelist Like Durjoy Datta, things become equally opposite – professional literature meets leisure literature. Even as an ordinary reader we expect a theme and certain ideas in the novel but the writings of a modern author have degraded it to the bottom level with only the ‘fairytale’ of love and erotic romance which cannot be valued or measured on the scale of literature. The joy of reading has been ‘fucked’ like a hollow vampire sucking nothingness out of human ambitions and the same has been done by the new authors like Durjoy Datta. Let’s talk about him in brief…


Durjoy Dutta


Durjoy Datta is a young Indian novelist and screenwriter. His novels are a mere reflection of the environment that has been created by his contemporary novelists. Well, I am not the judge to judge his writing; as a reader, however, I have the liberty to assess a person’s oeuvre and comment on his works’ overall effects on the readers; in short, I have the freedom to initiate and indulge in Judicial Criticism. So, as a free reader, I feel that the works by Durjoy Datta are nothing but the manifestations of the ideas which keep recurring in the emptiness of the minds which cannot work towards creating meaningful and sensible literature at all. While his works can be used as a good time pass, as we say in India, it can also dent the taste of ‘original’ literature from a person’s mind!

Well, there will always be the book reviews which will talk a lot of shit or a lot of good about some author or some books. I will be frank and candid; I will be vomiting my opinions based on my extensive reading of this author. The narrative of his fiction has been shifted to one single goal of versatile erotic literature – the physical romance. While it is good for the youths’ fantasies, it’s never good for the erotic genre. Most of the readers who might be those 80s and 90s grown-ups must be aware of Mastram – an icon in the erotica genre and I consider him to be better than Durjoy because he knew how to keep the readers waiting and never letting them have ‘that’. And here, the veils are unveiled a little early and we get nothing when we want to get something. And, sadly, that’s his speciality. Well, his books have only been popular because of the romantic escapade that they offer and a contemporary set-up that they exhibit. A few titles are worth considering and we will talk about them very soon:

Of course I love you….!….. Till I find someone better
She broke up I didn’t!…. I just kissed someone else!
Oh yes, I am single…..!….. and so is my Girlfriend!
The Perfect Us

And the perfection comes with a lot of sex here and there. Well, that’s the modern love this author preaches who don’t find it unhealthy fantasizing about others while fucking someone else. I am not speaking anything myself; I am just echoing some of the ideas that you will find reading his books. You can read as much as you want and masturbate if you want something for the night or even in the backyard or bathroom of your office – Durjoy Datta’s works are popular only because people don’t want to be caught with Manohar Kahaniyan or Madhur Kathayen in their hands.

Like many book reviewers in India have suggested, there is nothing to discuss the plot or the narrative; everything revolves around sex, sexual excursions and sex only. Even Chetan Bhagat has some decency when it comes to writing erotica for survival. However, there are the authors who try to follow the wanton footprints of Durjoy and they are welcome to do so because it’s too easy to be popular among the growing teenagers who still have to learn the better ways to quench their sexual confusions!

What contributions Durjoy has made to the Indian literature will be judged only after 20 years from now when we see, in the mainstream publications, a young novelist writing the details of ’28 bedroom days’… I will leave it here. Happy masturbating!

article by Ravi Kumar

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