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Anitha Rathod’s books for children have always been amazing and I have been following her writings for quite some time now. However, as Holi is approaching and her latest children’s book Why Do We Celebrate Holi has been released, I find this opportunity quite appropriate to write about her writings in general. First of all, let us be clear that there are many authors who write children literature. However, there are very few of them who write for Indian children and with an Indian touch – and I am pretty sure that Anitha Rathod stands apart. Her books are not only written by her but also illustrated by her. Thus, she has the full command over the message as well as the way in which the messages will be delivered to her younger readers.

Anitha Rathod children author

Now turned into a full-time author, Anitha Rathod believes that a writer who writes children literature has more responsibilities than someone who writes for a grown-up audience. It is logical as well. As children not only enjoy but tend to learn things from what they read; they also imitate or try to be like the protagonists, most of the times. And that is why a children author has to understand the nuances and advances of what his or her works are likely to be.

Born in Hyderabad, Anitha completed her studies from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. She specialised in Finance and Human Resources and has worked for almost a decade in the corporate sector before turning herself into a full-time author. Anitha envisions literature in a rather maturer way. In her own words:

“I believe, with the advent of technology, globalization, and evolving social structures, the audience, environment, and beliefs are constantly changing. Content that appeals to today’s readers and attempts to cater to their specific needs and demands is therefore essential. I believe, literature has to follow the trend in the ideas and themes that appeal and talk to the current generation.”

Likely, the current generation has become actively involved in choosing what they like rather than sitting back and let things be thrown on them. In the wake of this, parents and elders have also become proactive in deciding what their children read at a young age. After all, this is what decides what they become when they grow up! The reason behind the popularity of Anitha is simply her skills at storytelling as well as graphic designing. A very suitable example can be seen in her latest work – Why do we celebrate Holi? This short picture-book by her describes the reasons behind the celebration of the festival of colours in India and other countries where Indians live. Coming from an elderly lady draped in a saree, the story of Holika and Radha-Krishna’s sporting colours will certainly give the children a clear idea of Holi. They will read; they will learn; they will also enjoy.

Anitha has written many works by now and she has certainly made a mark for herself as one of the leading children’s authors in India. You can find all her works on Amazon or her official website.

We will keep bringing more authors like we always do!

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