Debadatta Satpathy

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Debadatta Satpathy is an author from Odisha. He has been writing short stories for years now. His short stories have been appreciated and widely read by the readers as well as by the book critics from his state and other parts of the country. A writer who believes that short stories are the real tests for an author because he has only a few pages to begin something, develop it and end as well! To his literary credit, Debadatta Satpathy has two books: House of Bougainvillea and other stories (2014) Ghostbusters and other stories (2017). These books have given the author a name and recognition in the field of short-fiction writing in India.

Debdatta Satpathy

An engineer by profession, Debadatta works for the Rourkela Steel Plant on the post of Deputy General Manager (In-charge) in Business Excellence department. Professionally, he has worked in both the departments – production as well as administrative. At times, his professional experiences also get their due reflection in his short stories.

Debadatta considers Mr Manoj Das, the celebrated Odiya short story writer as the best short story writer ever. He takes his inspiration from his writings as well. In general fiction, he thinks the contemporary author Jhumpa Lahiri is the best among others. For Debdatta, a genuine and worth reading short story should not only excite but touch the hearts of the readers in a subtle way. In his own words:

“A story has to touch a person’s heart in a subtle way instead of titillating.”

In his short stories, you will find the same genuine and gentle touch of emotions which will brush the hearts of the readers in a way that they will surely find the stories worth for the hours they spend reading them. Both his books, House of Bougainvillea and other stories Ghostbusters and other stories are the books worth reading and worth praising for the simplicity and genuine narratives they present to the readers. Debadatta Satpathy is not an author who will unnecessarily excite the readers and would play with their nerves. He will rather take the readers on an exploration with him and unlatch the doors to the simplicity of life and simple events which leave us spellbound for a while!

You can buy his books from the Amazon links below:

Ghostbusters and Other Stories: Kindle Edition (cheaper)

Ghostbusters and Other Stories: Paperback Edition (free delivery for Prime members)

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