Harjeet Khanduja – the R K Lakshman of Business in India

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Harjeet Khanduja Author Business Poet

India is a land of miracles. India is the land of talents. We have many talented people in many walks of life who have led the masses to something important, ambitious and inspiring. Harjeet Khanduja is one of those versatile talents from India who have mastered many arts, worn many hats, and acted in many different roles in their run so far. Though he is into the corporate, the vice president of HR, Reliance Jio, we are not writing this article because of that. We include Harjeet Khanduja in the database of The Indian Authors because he is a prolific writer of business and management books, a poet and a leading speaker. This article will focus on his writing style, philosophy, vision and contribution to business literature.

Harjeet has written three books to date. Two books are on business and one is a collection of Hindi poems. His latest one, How Leaders Decide, is about decision-making at an organisational level. The title Nothing about Business is for those who want a clutter-free lesson on business, leadership and motivation. TukTuk ki Rail is a collection of Hasya Kavita, of poems that make you laugh.

There are certain characteristics of Harjeet Khanduja’s writing. You can judge by the title (though you should not, in most of the cases) – Nothing About Business. In this book, the author has simplified the complex so that those who are new to the concept and idea of business may understand things with clarity. Readers have appreciated the book for its content, style, clarity and simplified approach by the author to unfold the cryptic and complex concepts of business and management, one by one and in order. This is the style that Harjeet Khanduja follows in his second business book as well, How Leaders Decide. You can read a detailed review by one of the critics of this book to understand it better:

How Leaders Decide by Harjeet Khanduja

Harjeet has shared his lighter and cosy side with the readers in his Hindi poetry collection. Many have appreciated the author for his candid, comic and light verse helping the readers rejoice, relook at life and rekindle the lighter episodes of everyone’s life. Harjeet has been a poet on the stage for a long and he has appeared in many cities across the country with his verse in front of listeners.

Other than being an author and a poet, Harjeet has also been a leader inside and outside his office. He has delivered many TEDx talks on many different themes pertaining to business, leadership, HR, motivation and professionalism. You can witness his talk sessions on YouTube.

Many current business leaders have appreciated him for his achievements in the world of literature. Harsh Goenka has admired his writing style in the latest book How Leaders Decide. Many others have appreciated his works of the past and the latest book as well. You can also learn about his books, his contributions to various communities and his personal achievements by visiting the official website of Harjeet Khanduja – https://harjeetkhanduja.com/


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