Fiction and Non-fiction Authors of the Month – July 2019

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In our constant effort to bring the best for our Indian readers, we have been bringing the biography of new and old authors from India on a regular basis. We have added one new feature to our platform – we will bring to our readers the fiction author of the month as well as the non-fiction author of the month from India. We will pick our authors from contemporary writing and then from the older generation in the next month. We are starting with fiction and non-fiction authors for July 2019.

Non-fiction Author of July 2019: Dr Sarika Jain:

Non-fiction author of the month July 2019 Sarika Jain
We have selected Dr Sarika Jain as our non-fiction author of July. Her debut book SHE: A message for those who belittle girls has sent the ripples of the true spirit of feminism among the critics and readers. In an eloquent manner, Dr Sarika has described the meaningful meaning of feminism, the adulterated form of feminism and also a meaningless form of feminism that only believes in ‘bashing men for every problem that women face’. In her book, the author has described the needs and essentials of women – what they need and what they ask for. Dr Sarika has detailed her thoughts about the modern world and the space for women in it. You need to read this book in order to know how wonderfully has Dr Sarika turned her thoughts into the form a book. You can buy her debut book here: Click to buy from Amazon

Fiction Author of July 2019: Ravi Dabral:

Fiction author of the month July 2019 Ravi Dabral
Ravi Dabral is an author of Indian origin and currently lives in Singapore and works there as a commodity trader. He has written two books – one novel and one non-fiction. His novel Greed Lust Addiction has done wonderfully in Indian as well as foreign market. Based on the story of a protagonist who is an investigative journalist, Ravi Dabral’s novel turns into a very thrilling experience as it moves ahead. It is packed with the elements of a stunning crime thriller and also a spiritual fiction that realises various course to attain self-trust and confidence. This novel has turned Ravi Dabral into one of the best crime thriller novelists in India. You can read this novel to know further and join Suraj and Vijay on a journey to self-discovery and victory against evil in society.
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We will bring more authors in the month of August for you. Till then, enjoy the writings of these two authors.

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  • Nice list. Though I don’t know much about them but from the article, I can sense the depth of their writings. Some of the contemporary authors are really making a difference.


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